EP710 SMT screen printer

Europlacer’s EP710 SMT screen printer is design to be flexible, high performance and reliable with outstanding value. Printer is equipped with many quality features as standard and there is wide range of options to enhance the printer’s capabilities.

EP710 SMT screen printers friendly and intuitive user interface make it possible to quickly change jobs and to create new ones. This is an important feature when operating in High mix – Low volume production.

EP710 SMT screen printer +-12,5 µm repeatability and 6 second cycle time with Velocity+ guarantees high performance for years to come. Patented SmartCal calibration system makes it possible to calibrate the printer in 30 seconds between every job if needed. No need to adjust offsets when you can calibrate your printer with SmartCal whenever you like.

EP710 SMT screen printer’s precision and real-time active closed loop squeegee pressure control as well as versatile tooling options gives you the best quality prints every single time.

Quality parts and design simplicity makes the EP710 SMT screen printer easy to maintenance and gives you low cost of ownership. Design simplicity makes the printer easily upgradeable with new options, if needed.

EP710 SMT screen printer has a lot of features as standard:

  • Fully automatic under stencil cleaner
  • Paste bead 3D inspection
  • Real-time active closed loop squeegee pressure control
  • Automatic rail width adjustment
  • Automatic stencil load and unload
  • Patented SmartCal calibration system
  • SPI communication ready
  • Long warranty for parts

There are many options for EP710 that will enhance its performance even more:

  • 2D+ paste inspection for printed paste
  • SPC Statistical Process Control
  • Snugger module for clamping
  • Vacuum board support
  • Custom board support
  • Laser guided tooling
  • Stencil paste dispenser
  • Verification options
  • Velocity+ can lower core cycle time to 6 seconds
  • ADu+ paste and glue dispenser
  • S-Track pick & place for labels

More detailed information about EP710 can be found here.