PCB cleaning machines

MBtech’s washing machines for electronic boards have been developed to meet the highest cleaning requirements. The Spray Under Immersion technology developed by MBtech, enables circuit boards permanent and perfect exposure to the cleaning solution eliminating any possible shadowing effects.

MBtech’s patented filtering system and Closed-Loop cleaning process provides the best cleaning quality with the lowest operating costs.

PCB washers are suitable for:

  • Defluxing single or double sided SMT or THT electronic boards
  • Misprints
  • Bare boards prior chip bonding and/or wire bonding
  • Removing conformal coating


NC25E – Cleaning / rinsing / drying for small to medium volumes
NC25 – Cleaning / rinsing / final rinsing /drying for medium to large volumes
NC25AL with Automatic Loading for high volumes including input and output storage trolley, automatic frame loading and unloading.

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