Comtest closed cell, carbon loaded polystyrene absorbers are specifically designed to inhibit the reflection of electromagnetic radiation, which makes them suitable for use in EMC test laboratories as well as antenna chamber applications. Our absorber products are divided into two main categories: Hybrid & Microwave.

Hybrid chamber solutions make use of ferrite tiles in combination with our HT series of absorbers.
Typically for antenna pattern measurement related research our Microwave absorbers can be used.


Hybrid Absorbers
Microwave Absorbers

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Comtest delivers cost-effective and compliant EMC and Antenna test facilities and RF-shielded rooms that will enable you to achieve your goals, resulting in a better and safer world. In the Comtest family business, Comtest was taught that Comtest products must be down to the minor details. Details that others often don’t even notice but that make the difference between good and perfect. Comtest does this with a Dutch entrepreneurial spirit from the village where Rembrandt’s parent’s mill once stood. This is how Comtest helps companies protect and connect people worldwide as one big family.

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