Conductive adhesives

We have a great range of electrically conductive adhesives that provide efficient RFI/EMI shielding and grounding solutions. They consist of tightly loaded adhesives filled with electrically conductive particles to make a strong and effective conductivity.

Available in different fillings:

  • Silver loaded epoxy adhesive
  • Silver plated aluminum loaded RTV silicone
  • Silver plated copper loaded RTV silicone
  • Nickel coated graphite loaded RTV silicone
  • Two component silver epoxy systems



  • Vibration and/or shock resistant sealant/adhesive for electronic assemblies
  • Electrical connection/bonding of materials with dissimilar thermal expansion coefficients i.e., mounting shielded windows EMI shielding with environmental sealing (IP68 possible)
  • ESD control/grounding
  • Structural adhesive – can be used to permanently bond metal assemblies
  • Electrical connection of components avoiding the use of mechanical fixings or solder

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