Solid State, Solid State Pulsed, CW TWT, Pulsed TWT, Millimeter TWT


From standard products to one-off specials, through our three brands of Milmega, IFI and Teseq,
Ametek CTS offers a wide range of Solid State and Solid State Pulsed amplifier products to meet
application requirements including EMC, Military, Communications, Instrumentation and High
Energy Physics. Functioning as either standalone instruments via an intuitive user interface or
integrated as part of Turnkey RF Test System, these robust dependable modular amplifiers offer
outstanding cost of ownership that meets today’s and tomorrow’s needs through upgradability.


< 1 GHz
< 6 GHz – Single Band
< 6 GHz – Dual Band

< 4 GHz – < 18 GHz

< 4 GHz – < 18 GHz

< 26 GHz
< 40 GHz

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