ALPHA® stencils are based on advanced technology utilizing Alpha’s experience and knowledge of solder pastes and printing. Alpha’s stencils are designed and manufactured to provide the best printing quality.

Features and availability:

  • Manufactured with high precision laser cutting process
  • Best-in-Class positional accuracy and aperture tolerance
  • Maximized paste transfer efficiency
  • Framed and unframed foils suitable for all printers and formats
  • Ultra-fine pitch capability
  • A wide selection of stainless-steel thicknesses 80-250 μm
  • Also available stepped stencils for optimized paste volume deposition



ALPHA® Precision Milled Stencils
ALPHA® CUT HR2 Laser Cut Stencils
ALPHA® Tetrabond Stencils
ALPHA® tensoRED Stencils (Stensiilien raamijärjestelmä)

We also supply VectroGuard stencils.

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