Thermally conductive gap fillers

Most electronic components produce heat during the use, which should be led away in order to avoid damage and maintain their performance.

Soft and flexible heat-leading gap fillers minimize thermal resistance between electronic parts and cooling plates. Thanks to the compressibility of Hala gap fillers, they fill in gaps well caused by tolerance variation – as well as different thermal expansion factors and surface shapes.

Due to their flexibility, Gap Fillers put constant pressure on interfaces, thus optimizing thermal conductivity even at a thickness of up to a millimeter and at a very low pressure. The required pressure depends on the elastoplastic properties of the material used. The natural stickiness makes gap fillers suitable for effortless installation. After use, the material can be removed without leaving any debris on the surface.

Features and benefits:

  • Very soft and flexible
  • Heat conductivity up to 50 W/mk
  • Thermal resistance below 0.2°C inch²/W
  • Available in different thicknesses from 0.025mm to up to 10mm
  • Works with or without low compression
  • Leaves no debris
  • Absorbs shocks
  • Material naturally sticky -> Easy to install

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