Three phase

Three phase power sources are available from 10kVA up to 108 kVA in single units and 270kVA for multi-unit configurations. The EM Test ACS 503N series offers basic performance targeted for 50/60 Hz harmonics and flicker testing. The Teseq NSG 1007 series is the mid-range solution for harmonics and flicker as well as immunity testing according IEC 61000-4-13 and other IEC standards. The EM Test NetWave series is our flagship and offers unmatched performance: 5kHz bandwidth and 8V/us slew rate for performing demanding tests on military, avionics and electrical vehicle devices. Available from 20 kVA up to 270 kVA multi-unit configurations, delivering up to 690 VAC and 1120VDC.


NetWave 108 Series
NetWave 20 Series
NetWave 30 Series
NetWave 67 Series
NetWave 90 Series

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