ESD packaging

ESD packaging is suitable for storing and transporting sensitive products. Our products provide excellent protection and prevent damage from electrostatic discharge. We offer a high-quality and comprehensive range of ESD packaging products.


ESD bags

  • Antistatic and “metal in” bags (with or without zip lock)
  • Antistatic and “metal in” bubble wrap pouches
  • ESD/EMI Dry-shield bags
  • Desiccant bags (with or without flap)

Bubble wrap rolls

  • Antistatic rolls
  • “Metal in” rolls

Stretch films and unwinders for stretch films
Humidity indicator cards


  • Pink polyurethane foams (semi-rigid or soft)
  • Black polyethylene foams (hard)
  • Black polyurethane foams (soft)

Shipping boxes
ESD transport pallets and stackable frames

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