Amitronic Oy is an importer of technical products. Our product range covers technical equipment, components, materials for electronics production and protection, and EMC- and environmental testing.

We aim to provide high-quality, cost-effective technical solutions from a single standard component to complete customer-specific systems.

Amitronic is part of the Addtech Group

Addtech is a publicly listed Swedish technical solutions group. Amitronic is part of the Electrification business area. Addtech comprises about 140 independent companies that sell high-tech products and solutions to customers, chiefly in the manufacturing and infrastructure sectors in around 20 countries. Addtech combines a small company’s flexibility, personality, and efficiency with the resources, networks, and long-term approach of a large business.


  • Amitra Oy was established in 1993
  • Amitra Oy became part of the Addtech Group in 2007
  • Amitronic Oy was founded in 2009 when Amitra Oy and Matronic Oy merged
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We are committed to sustainable business. Since the environment is one of our biggest concerns, our greatest aspiration is to increase our sustainability step by step. We report sustainability data yearly to Addtech, and it is audited by a third party to ensure transparency and quality.

You can read all about Addtech AB’s sustainability work and targets here.
Read more in Addtech’s Annual Report with integrated Sustainability Reporting.

Amitronic is fully committed to Addtech’s sustainability vision:


Our target is to reduce our carbon dioxide intensity by 50 %.

We have set a target to halve our carbon dioxide intensity by 2030, compared with 2019/2020.

Our electricity is entirely produced with renewable energies.

We are measuring CO2:

  • Goods transport
  • Business travel
  • Used energy (electricity, heating)

Goods transport

We already have customers who receive deliveries once a week, so CO2 emissions are lower. We have also concentrated the deliveries from the suppliers so that they go out once a week as best as possible.

Supply Chain

We aim to assess 80 % of the purchase volume based on Addtech’s Code of Conduct by 2030.

Ensuring a sustainable supply chain is essential in delivering value to our customers and contributing to sustainable development. The cooperation with suppliers builds from Addtech’s Code of Conduct for Suppliers. Through dialogue, we ensure that the minimum requirements of our Code are met in areas including human rights, working conditions, equal treatment, anti-corruption, and the environment. We continuously follow up with suppliers within all areas of sustainability using the Kodiak platform.

Addtech Supplier Code of Conduct

Addtech Code of Conduct

Whistleblower function

Recycling of soldering tin and paste dross

We have deepened the recycling cooperation with one of our suppliers MacDermid Alpha Electronic Solution, and we are a certified partner in recycling. In practice, this means that our recycling process is designed together with Alpha’s recycling facility. Most solder dross processed at Alpha’s facility can be reused, and 100 % of the other metals can be reused. An efficient collection and dross treatment process maximizes recyclable material’s economic and environmental benefits. More information in Finnish.

Sustainable Development Goals

Our target is that 100 % of sales contribute to sustainable development by 2030.

We are monitoring our development in Sustainable business by annually measuring our sales of products and solutions that contribute positively to the UN’s Sustainability Development Goals. The Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint for achieving a better and more sustainable future for all. They address our global challenges, including poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace, and justice. More information is on the UN website.

Our positive impact on SDGs:

Sustainable Organization

Addtech’s target is 40 % women in leading positions by 2030.

All Amitronic’s employees are committed to Addtech’s Code of Conduct.