Nexio EMC-software

BAT-EMC is a software developed by NEXIO, since 1995, to cover the full requirements of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).
Flexible, easy to use and completely independent of any measuring device or complete system, BAT-EMC provides an answer to the increase in productivity and quality requirements of the EMC tests. Nexio software is now widely used by both accredited full-compliance and pre-compliance laboratories in all major market sectors, such as automotive, aviation, aerospace & defense, and commercial electronics worldwide.


Unique interface for all test
Independent of any measurement equipment
Free drivers and more than 500 supported devices
Efficient and dedicated technical support
Large number of supported standards (EN IEC, CISPR, AUTOMOTIVE, DO160, MIL-STD, ETSI, etc.)
Interface Agilent VEE ™, MS Windows™, LabView, Lab Windows CVI™
Operating system: Microsoft Windows™ 10 and 11…
Report generation with all versions of Microsoft Office™

EMC Test Modules:

Radiated Emission
Conducted Emission
Reverb Emission
Radiated Immunity
Conducted Immunity
Reverb Immunity


Pre-scan and final-scan customization with antenna mast and turntable, totally configurable for stepped or continuous motion via user-definable algorithms.

GTEM: In accordance with EN/IEC 64000-4 20 calculation method with 3-axes.


  • The three calibration types (empty, loaded, or with equipment) have two objectives: homogeneity checking and the acquisition of field strengths and values for equipment under test.
  • The stirrer can be used with continuous rotation or step by step rotation. Each mode allows the user to define a parameter of operation: the number of samples for the tuning and the rotation time in seconds per turn for stirring.


Automotive: 2004/104/EC, ISO 11451/2 SAE, J1113 & J551, CISPR 12 & 25, Ford, BMW, Mercedes, General Motors, PSA, Renault- Nissan, Toyota, Chrysler-Fiat…
Commercial: CISPR/EN 55011, 14, 15, 22, 24, EN 61000-4-3, EN 61000-4-6, FCC Part 15, IEC 61967 & IEC 62132…
Aerospace & Defense: MIL-STD 461/462, DO 160 (RTCA)…


Easy-Monitoring is a range of add-on modules for BAT EMC that makes your EUT monitoring much easier. When a fault is detected, EASY-Monitoring executes actions configured by the user.

Linked to BAT-EMC software, it detects EUT malfunctions through real-time signal analysis during the test.

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