We have a wide range of different honeycombs and air filters available for your needs. Kemtron’s EMI shielding vent panels or attenuvents are made from aluminum honeycomb mounted into a frame. They ensure great shielding, low air resistance and efficient cooling. Frames can be supplied with fixing holes or captive threaded inserts to aid mounting. Honeycomb can be supplied in several configurations to suit different EMI/RFI Shielding performance requirements. Such as straight through, polarized and a choice of cell size. There are different thicknesses and textures available for various protection needs.
In addition to traditional honeycombs, we have inexpensive fan air filter panels, where the honeycomb is attached to a plastic frame. This option is ideal when an inexpensive solution and adequate EMC protection is needed for the object.


  • Made of aluminum or steel
  • Low air resistance
  • Efficient cooling
  • Available standard and customized sizes

Typical applications:

  • Electronic Enclosures
  • Air Conditioning Units
  • Fan housings
  • EMC Racks
  • Communication shelters

Available in:

  • Trivalent Chromium – Surtec 650
  • Nickel or tin coating
  • Painted finishes
  • Hectic chromium – Alochrome 1200
  • Standard and customized sizes

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