Material testing

Product quality and durability are crucial in today’s fierce competition. New product innovations must meet all the needed requirements. We offer Tira’s testing machines and equipment for various material testing and quality assurance applications.

TIRA’s equipment and machines can be used to test a variety of materials, such as metal, plastic, textiles, building materials, wood, ceramics, composite materials and more. TIRA is also able to make customized solutions according to customer’s request.

TIRA test equipment is efficient and reliable and is manufactured in accordance with national and international standards (DIN 5122, EN ISO 7500-1, GOST).

TIRA has a comprehensive range of material testing equipment:

  • Electromechanical production equipment
  • Impact testing (spindle/pendulum)
  • Special electromechanical testing equipment
  • Hydraulic tensile testing equipment up to 2000 kN and 30 Hz

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