Shielding tapes insulate, seal, balance, attach and protect from vibration and corrosion. We offer the right tape solutions from various materials for your needs.

When selecting the tape, it is important to consider:

  • Base material (fabric/paper/films/metal/transfer surface/foam…)
  • Adhesive surface (rubber/acrylic/polysiloxane/hot seal/soldering/protective paper…)
  • Mounting surface (surface structure)
  • Technical requirements (UV durability/weather conditions/temperatures/abrasion…)


  • Adhesive-coated insulation tapes for high temperatures (ratings E, B, F, H)
  • Metal tapes with adhesive surfaces
  • Heat-conducting insulations-Kapton
  • Insulated copper conductors for high electrical conductivity
  • Removable protective film for various applications
  • Protective film against erosion and scratching
  • Sliding surface films and abrasion protection
  • Adhesive-coated tapes for fastening – adhesive tapes for joints– adhesive tapes for covering adhesive surfaces, preventing slipperiness, and improving grip
  • Adhesive-coated tapes for special applications (automotive, avionic and space industry)
  • Self-adhesive films for signs
  • Single-sided adhesive tapes
  • Double-sided adhesive tapes
  • Heat-activated laminated adhesive tapes
  • Also available various tools for using tapes