Stencil cleaning machines

Mbtech stencil cleaning machines have been developed to meet the highest cleaning requirements. The ultrasonic and spray under immersion technologies used in the washing machines, provide excellent cleaning results.

Mbtech’s patented filtration system and Closed-Loop cleaning process is constantly regenerating cleaning solvents which extends their lifetime.

Stencil cleaning machines are suitable for:

  • Any sizes and types of screens and stencils
  • Squeegees and printing heads
  • Customized printing tools
  • Removing solder paste and adhesive


N29 – Ultrasonic cleaning
N29 E – Ultrasonic cleaning and hot air drying
N29 SA4 – Semi-automatic cleaning and drying
N29 AUTO – 100% automatic process, also offering our spray under immersion cleaning technology
MC200 PF – Customized process for squeegees and printing heads

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