Solder pastes

Alpha offers a wide range of technically advanced solder pastes for a wide range of applications. Alpha pastes are available in lead, lead-free and halogen-free mixtures for different applications for instance Fine Feature Printing, low temperature soldering and other applications. –

Features and availability:

  • Excellent printability
  • Long stencil life and wide process window
  • Precisely controlled particle size
  • Precisely controlled particle size
  • Meets the international quality standards


ALPHA® OM-353 – Fine Feature solder paste
ALPHA® OM-358 – Low void solder paste
ALPHA® OM-550 – Low temperature solder paste
ALPHA® OM-338T – General purpose solder paste
ALPHA® CVP-390 – Very high reliability solder paste
ALPHA® OM-5100 – Paste for tin-lead soldering
ALPHA® JP-500 – Jetting solder paste

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